The graduate education in the Department of the Actuarial Sciences is a four-year program with an additional one year optional English preparation school. The medium of instruction in the department is Turkish.

There are two professors, two associate professors, four assistant professors, thirteen research assistants and one specialist working actively in the department. Several experts working in the Insurance Supervision Board in the Undersecretariat of Treasury are also teaching some undergraduate classes.

Number of the graduates from the Department's undergraduate program was 3 in 2006 and 136 between 2007 and 2010. There are 328 students enrolled to the undergraduate program in the Academic Year 2012-2013.

The first two years of the graduate program offers some fundamental courses such as mathematics, statistics and introduction to actuarial sciences in order to provide a background for the further actuarial courses. The last two years of the program offers more technical courses such as financial mathematics, life and non-life insurance mathematics, pension mathematics, actuarial software, risk theory, loss models, stochastic processes, regression and time series analysis. Beside those departmental courses the program also offers economics, business, computer sciences and finance classes. There are also some social sciences courses such as introduction to sociology, introduction to philosophy or introduction to psychology. For more information about the offered courses in the undergraduate program you can visit

The graduate program offers specialised courses in actuarial sciences such as actuarial risk theory, stochastic processes and ruin theory, life and non-life insurance mathematics, pension mathematics, survival models, credibility and financial mathematics. For more information about the offered courses in the graduate program you can visit

Students can get minor degrees in Statistics, Economics, Business Administration and Sociology. The department also has two Erasmus agreements with Gdansk School of Banking in Poland and University of Piraeus in Greece.

Department of Actuarial Sciences cooperates with the Undersecretariat of Treasury Insurance Supervisory Board, the General Directorate of Insurance, Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey, Insurance Training Centre, Insurance Information Centre, Society of Actuaries in Turkey, Pension Monitoring Centre, Traffic Information Centre, Agricultural Insurance Pool, Insurance Companies, Social Security Authority, Business Council of Turkey, Middle East Technical University Institute of Applied Mathematics, Bahcesehir University Science and Technology Institute, Marmara University School of Banking and Insurance and Society of Actuaries, Casualty of Actuaries, Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Heriot-Watt University and City University.

Graduates from the Department of Actuarial Sciences are not qualified as actuary; however they can work as an expert of actuary in actuarial and financial sector. There are 26 graduates (BSc and/or MSc) who qualified as registered actuary while 59 of graduates are successful in the 1st and 2nd level of actuarial exams.